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Bakery - Biscuits & Cakes

  1. Iced Logo Shortbread Biscuit 217861

    Iced Logo Shortbread Biscuit
    A delicately flavoured, moist and buttery shortbread with a melt in the mouth texture finished off...

    From£0.75 EACH

  2. Branded Cookies 217862

    Choc Chip Cookie
    Delicious branded cookies available in a variety of flavours.  Perfect for business meetings,...

    From£1.10 EACH

  3. Printed Marshmallow Square 178902

    Printed Marshmallow Square
    Printed Marshmallow Square individually wrapped. A variety of raspberry, salted caramel,...

    From£1.10 EACH

  4. Branded Chocolate Brownie Square 217860

    Branded Chocolate Brownie Square
    Our large Chocolate Brownies are made to an award winning recipe with indulgent Belgian chocolate...

    From£1.33 EACH

  5. Branded Popkake 178898

    Branded Popkake
    Assorted Flavours PopCakes with branded tags. Printing area of the tags is 80 x 30mm. Flavours:...

    From£1.38 EACH

  6. Dipped Mallow Pops w/ branded tags 178900

    Dipped Mallow Pops w/ branded tags
    Mallow Pops dipped in chocolate and sprinkles with branded tags. Marshmallow dipped in Milk...

    From£1.38 EACH

  7. Printed Mallow Pops w/ branded tags 178901

    Printed Mallow Pops w/ branded tags
    Printed Mallow Pops with branded tags, gourmet marshmallows on a stick. Available in raspberry,...

    From£1.38 EACH

  8. Branded Popkake 178897

    Branded Popkake
    Popkakes are delicious cakes on a stick. Available in 6 different flavours, and sprinkled with eye...

    From£1.43 EACH

  9. Branded Logo Biscuits 002117090

    002117090-1 Branded Logo Biscuits
    Logo Branded Biscuits - Delicious high quality shortbread biscuits with a full colour edible...

    From£1.41 each

  10. Branded Logo Brownies 002117084

    002117084-1 Branded Logo Brownies
    Logo Branded Brownies Bites - Delicious freshly baked 5cm square Brownies with a full colour...

    From£1.41 each

  11. PopTails with Branded Tags 178899

    PopTails with Branded Tags
    For the coolest function, conference, business in town, a pack of assorted poptails. We all look...

    From£1.49 EACH

  12. Branded Logo Biscuits - Shapes 002117092

    002117091-1 Cloud Shaped Branded Logo Biscuits
    Shaped Logo Branded Biscuits - We can make a wide range of shaped biscuits to help you promote...


  13. Branded Logo Cake Pops 002117086

    002117086-1 Branded Logo Cake Pops
    Logo Branded Cake Pops are a great way to promote your brand in a fun and tasty way. - Delicious...

    From£1.98 each

  14. Branded Logo Cupcakes - Frosted 002117091

    002117091 Branded Logo Cupcakes - Frosted
    Delicious freshly baked branded logo cupcakes with a swirl of frosting and 50mm diameter full...

    From£2.01 each

  15. 2pcs Printed marshmallow in a branded box 178903

    2pcs Printed marshmallow in a branded box
    2 piece marshmallow box with branding on the marshmallows and the box. A variety of raspberry,...

    From£4.16 EACH

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