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Bathroom Accessories

  1. Effervescent Powder 149100

    Effervescent Powder
    4g Fizzy Effervescent Powder in white packaging. Choose from orange lemon woodruff (herbal) or...

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  2. Shower Speaker 269803

    Shower Speaker
    WATERPROOF SHOWER SPEAKER. Bluetooth Speaker we suction cap. Power: 3W. Battery: 400mAh.

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  3. Mini shower coach 74911

    Mini shower coach
    Hourglass with suction cup on postcard.

    From£0.91 EACH

  4. Soap Leaves 298295

    Soap Leaves
    Plastic pocket soap dispenser with 25 soap leaves.

    From£1.33 EACH

  5. Timo shower coach 74914

    Timo shower coach
    Save up to twenty thousand litres of heated water per year by using Timo the eco friendly acrylic...

    From£3.64 EACH

  6. Eco booster coach 322561

    Eco booster coach
    German engineered water saver for use in the shower. Once under the shower you get a reduced water...

    From£5.40 EACH

  7. Bathroom set 70898658

    Bathroom set
    Bathroom set consisting of a sponge, sisal, nail brush and a pumice stone with a white cord, all...

    From£5.70 EACH

  8. Fleece bathrobe 303302

    Fleece bathrobe
    Fleece bathrobe with two sewed front pockets. Includes a belt loop in matching material of 178 x 4...

    From£13.89 EACH

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