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BBQ Accessories

  1. Barbecue set Aurora 113699

    Barbecue set Aurora
    Material: nylon, wood, stainless steelBranding Method: transferPrint Area: on the apron, centered...

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  2. Professional metal barbecue case Columbus 113700

    Professional metal barbecue case Columbus
    Material: metal, stainless steel, aluminiumBranding Method: laser engravingEngraving Area: centered...

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  3. Silicon Ice Ball Mould - Small 267597

    Silicon Ice Ball Mould - Small
    The Silicon Ice Ball Moulds are a perfect promotional giveaway for the Summer. They are fun, easy...

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  4. Barbecue set in zipped case 160598

    Barbecue set in zipped case
    Three piece barbecue tool set in nonwoven carry pouch; contains a spatula, tongs and fork.

    From£6.67 EACH

  5. Barbecue Grill Cleaner Bary 240883

    Barbecue Grill Cleaner Bary
    Barbeque grill cleaner with sponge, brush and scraper.

    From£2.48 EACH

  6. 4pc Barbecue set 160720

    4pc Barbecue set
    Four piece barbecue set in a nylon zipper pouch with carrying straps, contains a long brush, a...

    From£12.67 EACH

  7. Foldable barbecue grill 160685

    Foldable barbecue grill
    Foldable barbecue grill supplied in a white presentation box and nonwoven pouch.

    From£13.94 EACH

  8. Barbecue set 002102499

    Barbecue set
    Three piece stainless steel barbecue set in an aluminium case includes spatula, fork and tongs.

    From£14.15 EACH

  9. Multifunctional stainless steel BBQ tool. 303305

    Multifunctional stainless steel BBQ tool.
    Multifunctional stainless steel BBQ tool. With silicone brush, fork, spatula, bottle opener and...

    From£14.33 EACH

  10. SANDY 220686

    Aluminium suitcase includes 12 piece stainless steel barbecue tools.

    From£24.41 EACH

  11. Barbecue Set Rustik 240884

    Barbecue Set Rustik
    Barbeque set in zipped case. Contains stainless steel spatula, tongs and fork and 600D polyester...

    From£12.98 EACH

  12. Multitool Duvinax 325705

    Multitool Duvinax
    Handy barbecue set in stainless steel material. Functions: corkscrew, capsule cutter, fork, paddle,...

    From£16.50 EACH

  13. Barbecue Set North 239970

    Barbecue Set North
    Get ready for the summer barbeque season at the beach or home with our barbeque tool set. Supplied...

    From£17.16 EACH

  14. Nido barbecue 132383

    Nido barbecue
    Nido is a carbon steel barbecue for the preparation of your food on those summer days. Thanks to...

    From£36.84 EACH

  15. Barbecue Vissla 240886

    Barbecue Vissla
    Round metal BBQ with grill, air vent and ash collector below.

    From£35.45 EACH

  16. Barbecue set 002102440

    Barbecue set
    Stainless steel barbecue set in aluminium case with eight skewers, four spits, brush, soft brush,...

    From£38.51 EACH

  17. Swiss Peak 14 Portable barbecue 259000

    Swiss Peak 14 Portable barbecue
    Enjoy the unique flavour that only charcoal can create. The 14 compact size is easy to take...

    From£48.91 EACH

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