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  1. 2-pc Perfumed Candle Set "citrus Park" 170049

    2-pc Perfumed Candle Set
    Protect your clients from mosquito attacks with this awesome candle set. Due to the citrus note of...

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  2. Candle Set "la Nucia" 169965

    Candle Set
    A special give away. This beautiful heart shaped candle set is nicely packed into a ribbon wrapped...

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  3. CERA 220649

    Wax candle with LED light. 1 CR2032 battery included.

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  4. Fragrance set "Adelaide" 169891

    Fragrance set
    Relax! Using this set of 3 scented candles with into a glass holder and various incense sticks with...

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  5. Fragrance Set "la Madeleine" 169960

    Fragrance Set
    For a fantastic revitalising smell everywhere this fragrance set is so simple! The set consists of...

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  6. LED candle set Dudley 170006

    LED candle set Dudley
    Material: wax, Colour-changingBranding Method: stickerPrint Area: onto the packingPacked in single...

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  7. Led Candle "stafford" 170005

    Led Candle
    Cheerful! This real LED candle makes a cosy atmosphere in every room. With its built in LED...

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  8. Scented candle heart 275494

    Scented candle heart
    Heart shaped scented candle in a tin with lid. The perfect valentine gift but also suitable for...

    From£0.85 EACH

  9. Scented candle round 275495

    Scented candle round
    Round scented candle in a tin with lid. The perfect gift for birthdays and parties. Delicious...

    From£0.90 EACH

  10. Fragranced candle in a tin 002101456

    Fragranced candle in a tin
    Fragranced candle in a tin covered with cord, aromas of 02/vanilla, 11/coffee and 13/cinnamon.

    From£1.13 EACH

  11. Scented candle round big 275496

    Scented candle round big
    Big round scented candle in a tin with lid. The perfect gift for birthdays and parties. Delicious...

    From£1.15 EACH

  12. CUPIDO 220495

    Glass candle holder in heart shape with 2 red tea lights presented in a silver gift box with...

    From£1.60 EACH

  13. Candle Set Delicius 241477

    Candle Set Delicius
    Set of six candles with coffee and vanilla scent.

    From£1.52 EACH

  14. Electric Candle Liwa 240249

    Electric Candle Liwa
    Battery powered mini push on light.

    From£0.88 EACH

  15. Electric Candle Fiobix 241065

    Electric Candle Fiobix
    Battery powered tea light with 1 LED. Button battery included.

    From£1.44 EACH

  16. SCENTED CANDLE POD 95062307

    SCENTED CANDLE POD Lighten your mood and unwind. 5 tealights presented in a brushed aluminium...

    From£2.14 EACH

  17. Candle Set Cerum 239959

    Candle Set Cerum
    Set of ten candles in five colours.

    From£1.38 EACH

  18. Candle Nettax 298153

    Candle Nettax
    Aromatic single wick candle in glass container of bright tones with varied fragrances. Available in...

    From£2.45 EACH

  19. Candle Urin 240692

    Candle Urin
    Candle in Christmas tree shaped holder.

    From£2.06 EACH

  20. Candle Sioko 241175

    Candle Sioko
    Vanilla scented candle in a metal tin.

    From£1.85 EACH

  21. Candle Rubik 286602

    Candle Rubik
    Scented wax candle in a clear glass jar with handle and lid. With screw on lid and ribbon bow.

    From£2.59 EACH

  22. Candle Klaus 241914

    Candle Klaus
    Christmas ceramic santa candle.

    From£2.62 EACH

  23. Candle Set Duo 239837

    Candle Set Duo
    Christmas candles, two piece.

    From£1.33 EACH

  24. Candle Skila 240693

    Candle Skila
    Candle in star shaped holder.

    From£1.87 EACH

  25. Candle Zhay 241475

    Candle Zhay
    Stone shaped candle in presentation box.

    From£2.06 EACH

  26. CHOLDY 220817

    Ceramic tea light holder. Does not include candle.

    From£5.41 EACH

  27. Philippi - Flying tealight candle holder 172808

    Philippi - Flying tealight candle holder
    Philippi - Flying tealight candle holder, shiny, nickle-plated, giftboxed.

    From£8.04 EACH

  28. Candle Klire 241235

    Candle Klire
    Vanilla scented candle in a metal tin.

    From£1.11 EACH

  29. Candle Zamir 286657

    Candle Zamir
    Metallic glass tealight candle holder with star motif. Supplied in a clear box with a matching...

    From£2.54 EACH

  30. Candle Set Snifik 252179

    Candle Set Snifik
    Set of six candles with snowflake design.

    From£3.45 EACH

  31. Inciense And Candle Set Nikel 240558

    Inciense And Candle Set Nikel
    Incense and candle gift set.

    From£2.87 EACH

  32. Candle Shiva 241946

    Candle Shiva
    Relax with our aromatic candle in a metallic container covered with thread in a variety of colours....

    From£2.37 EACH

  33. Candle Set Incienso 242025

    Candle Set Incienso
    Candle set with tea light holder, 3 tea lights, incense sticks and incense stick holder.

    From£4.24 EACH

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