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  1. Salt & Pepper Pot Set 17417

    Salt & Pepper Pot Set
    High quality stainless steel salt and pepper pots are perfect for advertising your company...

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  2. FL-300 Mini Cocktail/Gourmet Flags 252784

    FL-300 Mini Cocktail/Gourmet Flags
    MINI PAPER FLAGS ON 65MM COCKTAIL/GOURMET STICKS - Mini flags are manufactured to strict hygiene...

    From£0.14 EACH

  3. Spaghetti Measure - UK Made - Recycled 158961

    Spaghetti Measure - UK Made - Recycled
    Spaghetti Measure, to measure portions for 1, 2 or 3 people. Made in the UK from recycled plastic....

    From£0.35 EACH

  4. Silicon lid sealer 131470

    Silicon lid sealer
    Useful for keeping hot drinks, or food airtight

    From£1.07 EACH

  5. P-103 Megaphone Speaker and Popcorn Holder 286575

    P-103 Megaphone Speaker and Popcorn Holder
    MEGAPHONE POPCORN HOLDER. 30.5 cm (12") round-shaped megaphone. Comes with optional fold-in...

    From£0.79 EACH

  6. BX-800 Large scoop-popcorn box 286536

    BX-800 Large scoop-popcorn box
    POPCORN BOX-LARGE SCOOP STYLE.Holds 6 cups of popped popcorn. Made from 20 pt. high density, white...

    From£0.89 EACH

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