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Childrens Items

  1. Plastic Magic Cube Puzzle 143984

    Plastic Magic Cube Puzzle
    Plastic magic cube puzzle Printed 4c process to all sides Other sizes available on request

    call for prices

  2. Snap Band 22cm Xs 300187676

    Snap Band 22cm Xs
    Reflective Snap Bands not only provide visibility but are a fun and ideal way of carrying your...

    call for prices

  3. Finger puppets 216345

    Finger puppets
    Sets of 4 Childrens Finger Puppets ,printed full colour and cut to shape according to your...

    From£0.16 EACH

  4. Temporary Tattoos 185089

    Temporary Tattoos
    Temporary Tattoos - Let your customer wear your branding. Printed in Full Colour and individually...

    From£0.08 EACH

  5. Colouring Book A5 6023309

    Colouring Book A5
    A5 4 Page Colouring Book with a choice of 4 standard full colour covers and three fun inside...

    From£0.28 EACH

  6. Childrens Windmill 245274

    Childrens Windmill
    Childrens Windmills printed full colour on two sides ..

    From£0.51 EACH

  7. Whistle - Recycled - UK Made 212231

    Whistle - Recycled - UK Made
    Printed recycled plastic whistle with ballchain fitting, Large 38mm print area available for your...

    From£0.25 EACH

  8. Card Face Masks 245267

    Card Face Masks
    Card face masks printed in full colour and cut to a Bespoke shape from within 297 mm x 210 mm with...

    From£0.42 EACH

  9. Childrens Pencil Case 216343

    Childrens Pencil Case
    Childrens pencil case with full colour printed Insert . Ideal for Schools and childrens promotions .

    From£0.42 EACH

  10. Foam Pencil Toppers 70813998

    Foam Pencil Toppers
    Shaped Foam Backed Pencil Topper printed full colour.Wide range of shapes available.

    From£0.42 EACH

  11. 6 Half Length Pencils 7043036

    6 Half Length Pencils
    6 Colouring Pencils in a clear acetate pouch with full colour printed insert.Pencil Size: 85mm long.

    From£0.49 EACH

  12. A5 Children's colouring book. 226078

    A5 Children's colouring book.
    A5 Children's colouring book with sixteen designs on eight pages.

    From£0.46 EACH

  13. Temporary Tattoos - Large 185090

    Temporary Tattoos - Large
    Let your customer wear your branding with these Temporary Tattoos. Printed in Full Colour and...

    From£0.09 EACH

  14. The POP Badge 002111951

    The POP Badge
    New for 2017. The POP Badge. Made in UK from 100% recycled plastic. The POP Badge is a child...

    From£0.32 EACH

  15. Pin Badge 55mm - UK Made - Recycled 70523948

    Pin Badge 55mm - UK Made - Recycled
    Button badge, made in the UK from recycled plastic. Digitally printed up to full colour. Available...

    From£0.24 EACH

  16. Pin Badge 75 mm - UK Made - Recycled 70523949

    Pin Badge 75 mm - UK Made - Recycled
    Button badge, made in the UK from recycled plastic. Digitally printed up to full colour. Available...

    From£0.37 EACH

  17. Bubble Blower 708103520

    Bubble Blower
    Assorted primary and neon coloured containers of liquid bubble.

    From£0.68 EACH

  18. Keyring 55mm - UK Made - Recycled 25077120

    Keyring 55mm - UK Made - Recycled
    55mm oval, round or rectangle keyring made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic. printed up to full...

    From£0.35 EACH

  19. Kids Bubbles 216319

    Kids Bubbles
    A tub of Fun bubbles with full colour print. Great for Childrens events both indoor and outdoor .

    From£0.66 EACH

  20. A4 Children's colouring book. 226079

    A4 Children's colouring book.
    A4 Children's colouring book with sixteen designs on eight pages.

    From£0.74 EACH

  21. Doodleflag 002115683

    Paper flag for colouring in with a child-safe pole containing 4 wax crayons.

    From£0.47 EACH

  22. Colouring Set 216330

    Colouring Set
    A5 size 8 page, Booklet with full colour cover + 7 Activity and colouring pages, packed together...

    From£0.83 EACH

  23. Non-woven (80gr) apron 303339

    Non-woven (80gr) apron
    Non-woven (80gr) apron which can be coloured in, supplied with four felt tip pens.

    From£0.79 EACH

  24. Sticker Activity Pack 23829

    Sticker Activity Pack
    Goody Bag containing repositional vinyl sticker sheet card scene and foam animal puzzle.The sticker...

    From£0.98 EACH

  25. Activity Packs For Children 19925

    Activity Packs For Children
    Activity Pack Containing A5 size activity Booklet with personalised full colour cover with 3...

    From£1.04 EACH

  26. Plastic piggy bank 226015

    Plastic piggy bank
    Plastic piggy bank, with a rubber stopper on the bottom.

    From£1.00 EACH

  27. A4 Adult's colouring book. 226084

    A4 Adult's colouring book.
    A4 Adult's colouring book with thirty-two designs on sixteen pages.

    From£1.05 EACH

  28. Set Varnils 325810

    Set Varnils
    Children set for painting, including 4 stickers and 4 markers. Presented in an individual bag with...

    From£1.00 EACH

  29. A6 size 12 Piece Jigsaw 127550

    A6 size 12 Piece Jigsaw
    12 Piece Card jigsaw, supplied in a Printed mailer carton . Printed in Full colour on both the...

    From£1.16 EACH

  30. Plastic piggy bank 326051

    Plastic piggy bank
    Plastic piggy bank with the nose as the stopper.

    From£1.22 EACH

  31. Pencil Case Set 216350

    Pencil Case Set
    Children's Pencil Case School Set including full colour print onto a pencil Sharpener and Eraser...

    From£1.38 EACH

  32. Head Boppers 242464

    Head Boppers
    Novelty Head Boppers ,with Glitter Pom poms on Springs and a message area on each spring attachment...

    From£1.48 EACH

  33. Mini Chalkboard Easel 286701

    Mini Chalkboard Easel
    Set of two Mini wooden easel with a chalkboard for place names or parties. Supplied with a piece of...

    From£1.85 EACH

  34. Place Mat Rozim 298035

    Place Mat Rozim
    Non-woven colouring activity placemat for children. This placemat is white with a maze puzzle and...

    From£0.89 EACH

  35. Piggy bank made of plaster 201104905

    Piggy bank made of plaster
    Plaster piggy bank, includes one wooden brush and five paint colours (printing not available).

    From£1.95 EACH

  36. Puzzle Sutrox 298052

    Puzzle Sutrox
    Childrens jigsaw puzzle made up of nine puzzle pieces and a framed wooden base. Ideal for keeping...

    From£1.98 EACH

  37. Colouring folder for adults 326205

    Colouring folder for adults
    Colouring folder for adults, with 50 colouring images (70 gr/m^2). Including 12 colour pencils.

    From£4.77 EACH

  38. Dominoes Kelpet 298049

    Dominoes Kelpet
    Picture dominoes set supplied in a wooden gift box and sliding lid. Included in this set are 28...

    From£2.79 EACH

  39. Inflatable Armchair Mewi 240395

    Inflatable Armchair Mewi
    Children's inflatable armchair.

    From£5.26 EACH

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