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Ear Plugs

  1. Pair of foam ear plugs. 138387

    Pair of foam ear plugs with approximately 65cm of cord, supplied in a transparent plastic tube...

    From£0.38 EACH

  2. Serenity Earplugs In Case 156467

    Ear plugs in snap travel case. PU foam and PP plastic case

    From£0.32 EACH

  3. Ear Plugs 243118

    Two soft earplugs, packed in transparent box. Can be printed with a tampo pad print on the box....

    From£0.36 EACH

  4. Ear plugs on cord 188890

    Earplugs with a cord. Suitable to protect your ears during several activities, for example on an...

    From£0.46 EACH

  5. Silicone ear plugs attached to a cord. 226011

    Silicone earplugs (not for music) attached to a cord and presented in a PP cassette with a belt...

    From£0.50 EACH

  6. Disposable Ear Plugs 186988

    SOUND OFF Stay protected with these comfy and effective SNR certified foam ear plugs. Available in...

    From£0.82 EACH

  7. Ear plug with silicone 220404

    Silicone covered earphones that help to insulate against external noise for an improved sound...

    From£2.07 EACH

  8. Eye mask, earplugs and socks 220813

    Travel set including eye mask made of cotton, socks in polycotton and earplugs in sponge. All...

    From£3.64 EACH

  9. Pair Of Ear Plugs 131768

    Ideal for use in the entertainment industry. Perfect for use at home to help give you a peaceful...

    From£1.35 EACH