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Face Masks & Coverings

Our reuseable branded face masks can be washed at 60 degrees in the washing machine, as recommended by the World Health Organisation and European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control. Masks should not be worn for more than 4 hours at a time and must be washed after each use. For personal use only - they are not medical mouth masks or PPE (personal protective equipment). Wear these reuseable face masks over a disposable certfied surgical mask for optimal protection.

Our KN95 and 3 ply disposable masks prevent infections transmitted by respiratory droplets, including Covid-19. A disposable mask is perfect for civilian use and can be used for grocery shopping, a day at the playground as well as going to the office and daily commutes. These type of masks offer optimal protection.

  1. EarSave Face Mask Extender AP718390

    Custom made, full colour printed face mask extender in PP plastic. It is designed to relieve the...

    From£0.47 each

  2. Hygienic Triple-layered Mask SS00470

    SS00 470
    Type 2 Hygienic triple-layered mask with heat-sealed finish, elastic fastening and adaptable nose...

    From£0.71 each

  3. GRAID Surgical Mask - plain stock only SS004

    GRAID Surgical Mask
    Disposable single use face masks with soft and strong ear elastic and nose clamp ensuring a good...

    From£0.95 each

  4. GRAID Surgical Mask - branded label SS005

    Disposable single use face masks with soft and strong ear elastic and nose clamp ensuring a good...

    From£1.47 each

  5. Recycled PET Face Masks SS048

    Wow!  A facemask made from Recycled PET microfiber material, which can be printed full colour...

    From£1.48 each

  6. Reusable Mask With Filter Bag SS04531

    Two-layer reusable face mask with space for a filter for extra protection. 90% polyamide, 7%...

    From£2.07 each

  7. KN95 Disposable Face Masks SS049

    KN95 disposable face mask
    Self-filtering, KN95 protection and safety mask with 5 layers, heat-sealed finish. With adjusting...

    From£2.78 each

  8. Mouth Guard Face Mask 452810

    Mouth guard mask consisting of 2 soft, comfortable and breathable textile layers: 100% cotton (130...

    From£3.17 each

  9. CreaMask Branded Face Mask AP718388

    AP718388 branded face masks
    Be creative! CreaMask custom made face mask with sublimation printed graphics. It is a truly...

    From£3.82 each

  10. Face Shields SS036

    Protective Face Shield
    Safety Protective Anti-Spit Splash Proof Head-Mounted Face Eye Shield Screen Order your...

    From£4.55 each

  11. Box of Disposable Face Masks - Branded Sleeve P265.885

    P265 885
    Box of 50 pieces disposable non-sterile surgical face masks. Type 2 with 98% bacterial filtration...

    From£48.26 each

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