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Kitchen Accessories

  1. Spaghetti Measure - UK Made - Recycled 158961

    Spaghetti Measure - UK Made - Recycled
    Spaghetti Measure, to measure portions for 1, 2 or 3 people. Made in the UK from recycled plastic....

    From£0.35 EACH

  2. Plastic pizza cutter and bottle opener 193723

    Plastic pizza cutter and bottle opener
    Plastic pizza cutter and bottle opener in one.

    From£0.57 EACH

  3. Nonwoven (70 g/m) apron 262661

    Nonwoven (70 g/m) apron
    Nonwoven (70 g/m) apron with a front pocket.

    From£0.68 EACH

  4. Set Trepy 240462

    Set Trepy
    Plastic salt and pepper set in coloured holder.

    From£0.46 EACH

  5. Server Knife Klou 240445

    Server Knife Klou
    Plastic serrated serving knife.

    From£0.55 EACH

  6. Kitchen Tongs Karel 239701

    Kitchen Tongs Karel
    Plastic kitchen tongs.

    From£0.57 EACH

  7. Clip Flint 298117

    Clip Flint
    Large bulldog clip for sealing open bags. Keep your food fresher for longer with these brightly...

    From£0.58 EACH

  8. Spoon Saya 240562

    Spoon Saya
    Kitchen and ice cream scoop.

    From£0.61 EACH

  9. Plastic apple box 138352

    Plastic apple box
    Plastic storage box for an apple.

    From£0.91 EACH

  10. Ice Mold Balop 240825

    Ice Mold Balop
    Ice lolly mold/holder with drink straw in base.

    From£0.86 EACH

  11. Softmat? Coaster 60891170

    Softmat? Coaster
    High quality coaster made from specially formulated, soft, cling material.

    From£0.36 EACH

  12. Pizza Cutter 248297

    Pizza Cutter
    Plastic pizza cutter with metal bottle opener.

    From£0.85 EACH

  13. Plastic cookie cutter set. 226046

    Plastic cookie cutter set.
    5pcs plastic cookie cutter set, including two star shapes, two flower shapes and on heart shape,...

    From£1.13 EACH

  14. Salad Kitchen Tongs Balsam 239711

    Salad Kitchen Tongs Balsam
    Salad tongs.

    From£1.08 EACH

  15. Tissues Custom 239830

    Tissues Custom
    Pack of ten tissues.

    From£0.71 EACH

  16. Silicone Lid Sealer 288840

    Silicone Lid Sealer
    This amazing lid helps to prevent your drink from spilling by creating a vacuum and clinging firmly...

    From£1.43 EACH

  17. Can for Dutch waffles 226031

    Can for Dutch waffles
    Can with Dutch pattern, or silver coloured, to be used for Dutch waffles; with a white or silver...

    From£1.37 EACH

  18. Ice Mold Lowell 240811

    Ice Mold Lowell
    Calippo shaped Ice lolly mold.

    From£0.77 EACH

  19. Holder Sizok 241198

    Holder Sizok
    Silicone utensil holder.

    From£0.77 EACH

  20. Pot Holder Milo 240446

    Pot Holder Milo
    Silicone oven glove.

    From£0.77 EACH

  21. Salad shaker with cup and fork 160723

    Salad shaker with cup and fork
    Plastic, frosted salad shaker (900 ml) with lid, a plastic fork on the lid and a small, salad...

    From£1.38 EACH

  22. Sublimation Apron Salmux 325855

    Sublimation Apron Salmux
    Apron especially designed for sublimation printing. In resistant, 95g/m2, nonwoven material. Wide...

    From£0.99 EACH

  23. Subliwood Coaster 153413

    Subliwood Coaster
    Our heat resistant SubliWood coaster is the perfect partner for your hot liquid-filled mug. Made...

    From£1.65 EACH

  24. Multipurpose Basket Legab 239880

    Multipurpose Basket Legab
    Multi-purpose folding polyester basket.

    From£1.49 EACH

  25. Tissues Winton 297892

    Tissues Winton
    Large packet of 100 single 3-ply tissues. Perfect for keeping on your coffee table or desk.

    From£1.41 EACH

  26. Salad2go cup 258000

    Salad2go cup
    Salad shaker Set. Convenient storage for salads on-the-go. Includes fork and removable container...

    From£1.99 EACH

  27. Grater Chesil 240656

    Grater Chesil
    Cheese grater with plastic handle.

    From£0.80 EACH

  28. Napkin Ring Napkei 239773

    Napkin Ring Napkei
    Set of four napkin rings.

    From£0.86 EACH

  29. Kitchen Ladle Cofil 239712

    Kitchen Ladle Cofil
    Kitchen ladle.

    From£0.80 EACH

  30. Pizza Cutter Opener Lowy 241004

    Pizza Cutter Opener Lowy
    Plastic pizza cutter wih bottle opener.

    From£0.99 EACH

  31. Serving Dishes Zeka 240566

    Serving Dishes Zeka
    Party plate.

    From£0.89 EACH

  32. Cutlery Pouch Cuttler 239767

    Cutlery Pouch Cuttler
    Cutlery pouch. Cutlery not included.

    From£0.91 EACH

  33. Spoon Set Anpao 240227

    Spoon Set Anpao
    Set of five plastic balancing tea spoons.

    From£1.05 EACH

  34. Apron Chef 241829

    Apron Chef
    Non woven PP apron with front pocket.

    From£1.33 EACH

  35. Pot Holder Pot 241784

    Pot Holder Pot
    Cotton quilted pan stand.

    From£1.40 EACH

  36. Infusor Nimans 240709

    Infusor Nimans
    Plastic infuser.

    From£0.89 EACH

  37. Pot Holder Misko 241639

    Pot Holder Misko
    Antonio Miro 100% cotton, oven and pot pad.

    From£1.70 EACH

  38. Apron Nono 240352

    Apron Nono
    Non-Woven childrens apron with front pocket.

    From£1.32 EACH

  39. Silicone kitchen set. 226025

    Silicone kitchen set.
    Silicone kitchen set, consisting of a spatula and a brush with plastic handles, presented in gift...

    From£1.95 EACH

  40. Kitchen Skimmer Bawel 239713

    Kitchen Skimmer Bawel
    Kitchen draining ladle.

    From£0.94 EACH

  41. Wipes Narut 240714

    Wipes Narut
    Wet wipe tub with 24 wet wipes and chain.

    From£1.37 EACH

  42. Apron Vanur 240588

    Apron Vanur
    Non woven apron.

    From£1.44 EACH

  43. Jug Garix 239703

    Jug Garix
    Polypropelyne 1l jug.

    From£1.49 EACH

  44. Cutlery Set Popic 268841

    Cutlery Set Popic
    Cutlery set with five functions including a bottle opener.

    From£0.97 EACH

  45. Mold Set Thade 240565

    Mold Set Thade
    Lolypop molds with stand.

    From£1.44 EACH

  46. Avocado Multi-tool 325491

    Avocado Multi-tool
    Save yourself time with this stainless steel avocado multitool. The perfect kitchen accessory...

    From£1.32 EACH

  47. Knife Kai 240451

    Knife Kai
    Stainless steel kitchen knife with matching blade cover.

    From£1.11 EACH

  48. 2-in-1 citrus zester and grater 257989

    2-in-1 citrus zester and grater
    Easily grate and zest citrus fruits with this perfect 2-in-1 design kitchen tool. The grater is...

    From£2.26 EACH

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