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Letter Openers

  1. Letter Opener 90x27x12mm 111823

    Letter Opener 90x27x12mm
    Letter Opener 90x27x12mm

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  2. Paper Slitter 002103099

    Paper Slitter
    Safe guarded paper slitter moulded in plastic with a hardened steel blade. A fantastic promotional...

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  3. Letter opener 60143722

    Letter opener
    Plastic letter opener with metal cutting edge.

    From£0.23 EACH

  4. Letter Opener Ruler Auki 240291

    Letter Opener Ruler Auki
    Letter opener 12 cm ruler.

    From£0.36 EACH

  5. Ballerina metal letter opener 326053

    Ballerina metal letter opener
    Ballerina metal letter opener, supplied in a black laminated card box.

    From£1.35 EACH

  6. Metal opener 60143609

    Metal opener
    Metal letter opener, supplied in a black laminated presentation box.

    From£1.95 EACH

  7. Torino Letter Opener 95465

    Torino Letter Opener
    Polished finish with black rubber trim.

    From£3.44 EACH

  8. Letter Opener Prax 241611

    Letter Opener Prax
    Antonio Miro letter opener.

    From£3.39 EACH

  9. Mayfair Letter Opener 2001105389

    Mayfair Letter Opener
    Contemporary design in matt and shiny plating.

    From£6.28 EACH

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