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Magnifying Glasses

  1. Card size magnifying glass 194922

    Card size magnifying glass
    Thin PVC credit card size magnifying glass.

    From£0.16 EACH

  2. Thin plastic magnifying glass 70698736

    Thin plastic magnifying glass
    Ultra thin PVC magnifying glass.

    From£0.23 EACH

  3. PVC magnifying glass 70898686

    PVC magnifying glass
    PVC magnifying glass in a vinyl pouch.

    From£0.27 EACH

  4. Ruler Magnifier Okam 240220

    Ruler Magnifier Okam
    Magnifying glass with 8cm ruler and ribbon to use as a bookmark.

    From£0.46 EACH

  5. Easy Read 325615

    Easy Read
    Compact, lightweight credit card size magnifying glass.

    From£0.50 EACH

  6. Apollo Magnifying Glass 248110

    Apollo Magnifying Glass
    Handheld magnifying lense with LED light.

    From£2.14 EACH

  7. Foldable Eyeglass 248472

    Foldable Eyeglass
    Magnifier with magnification factor eight.

    From£2.84 EACH

  8. Magnifier Biologic 8X 241915

    Magnifier Biologic 8X
    Magnifier with eight time magnification.

    From£2.51 EACH

  9. Magnifier Mauran 7X 241736

    Magnifier Mauran 7X
    Magnifier with seven time magnification.

    From£2.86 EACH

  10. Philippi - Glasses Magnifier 245780

    Philippi - Glasses Magnifier
    Just in case, youve lost sight of things; GLASSES, the magnifier is the perfect accessory. It opens...

    From£15.21 EACH

  11. Magnifier Court 10X 241883

    Magnifier Court 10X
    Metal magnifier with ten time magnification.

    From£6.99 EACH

  12. Magnifier Nouk 10X 268961

    Magnifier Nouk 10X
    Metallic magnifier, three LEDs and ruler for measurements. Supplied in zipped box. Batteries not...

    From£15.18 EACH

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