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More Mints

  1. 2 Pack Chewing Gum 131802

    2 Pack Chewing Gum
    2 Pieces of Fresh Mints Sugar Free Chewing Gums in a Flow Wrapped Packet. Also Available in 1 Piece...

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  2. Ball Mint Pot 286938

    Ball Mint Pot
    A plastic ball shaped mint pot with twist lid containing approx. g of sugar free mints. Colours...

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  3. Car Mint Card 209546

    Car Mint Card
    Car shaped mint card containing aprox 6g of mints. Available in white blue or red

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  4. Clic Clac Tin 131818

    Clic Clac Tin
    CLIC CLAC MINTS TIN. 45mm Diameter Filled Round Tin with 12g of Mini Mints. Various Colours...

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  5. Cool Card Mint Card 131803

    Cool Card Mint Card
    COOL MINT CARD. Middle Opening Mint Card. Contains 50 Sugar Free Mints. Containers Available in...

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  6. House Mint Card 209545

    House Mint Card
    House shaped mint card containing aprox 8g of mints. Available in white or transparent

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  7. Kraft Bag 149108

    Kraft Bag
    KRAFT BAG - 100g personalised Kraft bag (with clear/transparent window center bottom of bag) filled...

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  8. Mini Candy In Flowpack 209563

    Mini Candy In Flowpack
    Mini candy individually packed in a transparent or shiny white flowpack. Flavours available: fruit...

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  9. Mini Hinged Lid Tin 131829

    Mini Hinged Lid Tin
    Hinged lid tin containing 25g of mints. Optional seal available. Colours available: dark & light...

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  10. Mint Pot 128312

    Mint Pot
    Freshen up your promotions with our handy little mint pots. Each pot contains two grams of...

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  11. Mint Promo Card 286989

    Mint Promo Card
    A white or silver tin supplied on its own backing card. Contents: 10g sugar free mints or 10g fruit...

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  12. Mint Stick 131832

    Mint Stick
    MINTS STICK. Translucent White Red or Solid White Plastic Tube Containing Approximately 50 Sugar...

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  13. Peppermint Bar 131836

    Peppermint Bar
    Silver foil and white paper band containing 10g approx. 12 peppermint pieces. Personalised with a...

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  14. Printed Chewing Gum 286964

    Printed Chewing Gum
    15 pieces of printed chewing gum in a silver metal tin with viewing window. Flavours available:...

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  15. Rectangular Pocket Tin 203899

    Rectangular Pocket Tin
    50g hinged tin in silver filled with strong mints or jelly beans. Personalised with a full colour...

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  16. Rock Sticks 131839

    Rock Sticks
    ROCK STICK. Traditional Stick of Rock In Clear Transparent Cello Wrapped in a Variety of Fruit &...

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  17. Round Mint Card 209543

    Round Mint Card
    Round mint card containing aprox 8g of mints. Available in white

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  18. Shaped Cool Cards 131840

    Shaped Cool Cards
    SHAPE MINTS CARD. Round Heart House or Truck Shape Cool Mints Cards Containing Mini Mints.

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  19. Silver Mint Tin 131834

    Silver Mint Tin
    SILVER MINTS TIN. 65mm Diameter Silver pocket Tin Filled with 30g of Imperial Mints or Jelly Beans...

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  20. Silver Travel Tin 131849

    Silver Travel Tin
    SILVER TRAVEL SWEETS TIN. 100mm Diameter Silver Tin Filled with 150g of Either Imperial Mints Jelly...

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  21. Slim Can 131842

    Slim Can
    Clear can with a stay fresh aluminium seal and plastic lid for re-sealing. Fillings available:...

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  22. Smints 255422

    The famous Smint box with your own personalised label 1 side. The box is filled with 8g Smint's.

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  23. Square Mint Card 209547

    Square Mint Card
    Square mint card containing aprox 3g of mints. Available in white blue red green orange and black

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  24. Sweet Cushion 131845

    Sweet Cushion
    SWEETS CUSHION. Clear Transparent Plastic Pillow Shape Pack Filled with 15g of Sugar Free Mints...

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  25. Sweet Tower 287055

    Sweet Tower
    A tin can with a ring pull lid and plastic base and top. Base/top colours available: red blue black...

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  26. Tall Mint Tin 131846

    Tall Mint Tin
    TALL MINTS TIN in Silver. Metal Tower Tin with Flip Top Lid. Filled with Sugar free Mints. Minimum...

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  27. Tic Tac Box 131848

    Tic Tac Box
    Tic Tac Fresh Mints & Fresh Orange in a Printed . Minimum Quantity: 1200

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  28. Tic Tac Pack 131831

    Tic Tac Pack
    MINI TIC TAC PACK. 5 Pieces of Fresh Mints or Fresh Orange Tic Tacs in a Flow Wrapped Packet....

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  29. Triangular Click Clack Tin 209564

    Triangular Click Clack Tin
    Triangular metal tin in silver individually sleeved with a red tear strip. Fillings available: 6g...

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  30. Truck Mint Card 209542

    Truck Mint Card
    Truck shaped mint card containing aprox 8g of mints. Available in white

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  31. Twin Tin 304985

    Twin Tin
    A twin tin containing approx. 5g sugar free mints and 5 pieces of sugar free chewing gum. Tin...

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  32. Twist Mint Tin 286967

    Twist Mint Tin
    A twist action tin in white or silver printed digitally to the lid. Contents: 10g sugar free mints...

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  33. Mint keychain 189096

    Mint keychain
    Keychain with peppermints. A fun and fresh way to promote your logo. Ca. 7 grams of sugerfree...

    From£0.23 EACH

  34. Peppermint dispenser 167662

    Peppermint dispenser
    Rectangle peppermint box with dispenser. Ca. 7 grams of sugerfree peppermints.

    From£0.34 EACH

  35. Mint Dispenser Heart 167657

    Mint Dispenser Heart
    Peppermint box in the shape of a heart. In transparent red or white hardcolour. Ca. 7 grams of...

    From£0.35 EACH

  36. Mint Dispenser House 167660

    Mint Dispenser House
    Cute white peppermint box in the shape of a house. Opening of the box in the chimney. Ca. 7 grams...

    From£0.35 EACH

  37. Mint Dispenser Thumb 275637

    Mint Dispenser Thumb
    Peppermint dispenser in the shape of a thumb. Opening of the dispenser at the wrist. Ca. 5 grams of...

    From£0.35 EACH

  38. Mint Dispenser Truck 167659

    Mint Dispenser Truck
    Peppermint box in the shape of a truck. Opening of the box is at the back of the truck. Ca. 7 grams...

    From£0.35 EACH

  39. Mint dispenser T-shirt 275638

    Mint dispenser T-shirt
    Peppermint dispenser in the shape of a T-shirt. Opening of the box at the bottom of the T-shirt....

    From£0.35 EACH

  40. Peppermint box 167665

    Peppermint box
    Flat round box of peppermints. In a transparent or hardcolour white. Ca. 6.5 grams of sugerfree...

    From£0.35 EACH

  41. Mint Twist-Click 167661

    Mint Twist-Click
    Peppermint dispenser with plastic screw cap. Includes 7 grams of dutch peppermints. Not sugarfree

    From£0.44 EACH

  42. House shaped mint card. 193493

    House shaped mint card.
    House shaped mint card with approximately 6,5 gr of sugar free mints.

    From£0.44 EACH

  43. Van shaped mint card. 230067

    Van shaped mint card.
    Truck shaped mint card with approximately 5,5 gr of sugar free mints.

    From£0.44 EACH

  44. Rectangular mint card 193488

    Rectangular mint card
    Rectangular shaped plastic mint card with approximately fifty sugar free mints.

    From£0.46 EACH

  45. Heart shaped plastic mint card 193471

    Heart shaped plastic mint card
    Plastic, heart shaped mint card with approx. sixty sugar free mints.

    From£0.49 EACH

  46. Round Box Peppermint 167664

    Round Box Peppermint
    Round pot which includes 12 grams of dutch peppermints. Not sugarfree. Box has a swivel lid....

    From£0.46 EACH

  47. Mint tin, approx. 40 mints 193472

    Mint tin approx. 40 mints
    Metal mint tin with a click type lid. with approx. forty sugar free mints.

    From£0.60 EACH

  48. Click Peppermint Box 167663

    Click Peppermint Box
    With one click you can open this peppermint box and, with a simple hand movement you can close it...

    From£0.63 EACH

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