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  1. PowerJam Premium Mini Bluteooth Speaker 217400

    PowerJam Premium Mini Bluteooth Speaker
    PowerJam Mini Bluetooth Speaker PowerJam Mini Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect solution when you...

    From£9.03 EACH

  2. PowerNote Mini Bluetooth Speaker 309270

    PowerNote Mini Bluetooth Speaker
    PowerNote is a premium Mini Bluetooth Speaker which produces a rich and flawless sound to suit any...

    From£15.30 EACH

  3. Bow Bluetooth speaker with NFC 255944

    Bow Bluetooth speaker with NFC
    Portable Bluetooth 2.1 speaker with NFC for easy pairing and indoor or outdoor use. Rich sound with...

    From£15.42 EACH

  4. Waterproof shower speaker 219157

    Waterproof shower speaker
    3W Waterproof IPX4 shower speaker that enables you to listen wirelessly to your favorite music...

    From£15.95 EACH

  5. Clear Vibe 261464

    Clear Vibe
    This stylish Bluetooth V3.0 speaker 'Clear Vibe' Bluetooth V3.0 has an attractive metallic body,...

    From£16.74 EACH

  6. Sound bass speaker medium 187747

    Sound bass speaker medium
    3W wireless speaker with powerful 1200 mAh battery to take your music experience to another level!...

    From£17.11 EACH

  7. Heavy Metal 261469

    Heavy Metal
    This tough looking Bluetooth V3.0 speaker 'Heavy Metal' has a robust black body and a powerfull 3W...

    From£16.97 EACH

  8. Bespoke Bluetooth Speaker 272767

    Bespoke Bluetooth Speaker
    You can choose any shape or design you like with our Bespoke Bluetooth Speaker which provides great...

    From£13.69 EACH

  9. Dome Bluetooth speaker 210203

    Dome Bluetooth speaker
    Portable Bluetooth speaker in anodised aluminium finish. Compact size but big base sound. Also...

    From£17.98 EACH

  10. Wireless speaker and powerbank 219166

    Wireless speaker and powerbank
    Wireless speaker with integrated power bank in ABS casing. The rechargeable battery is 4200mAh that...

    From£17.95 EACH

  11. Wireless speaker 155135

    Wireless speaker
    3W speaker with impressive sound detail and performance stored in a brushed stainless steel cover....

    From£18.01 EACH

  12. Floating aqua speaker 295222

    Floating aqua speaker
    Wireless and waterproof (IPX 7) 3W speaker that can be used both in and out of the pool and...

    From£18.40 EACH

  13. AMP Bluetooth speaker 002115885

    AMP Bluetooth speaker
    Compact portable Bluetooth speaker with up to 30m range. Utilises 4.1 Bluetooth. Stereo speaker...

    From£18.45 EACH

  14. Colour changing speaker light 258975

    Colour changing speaker light
    3W wireless speaker with colour changing LED. Simply tap the top of the item to change the colour...

    From£18.76 EACH

  15. Fabric wireless charger with speaker, black 322616

    Fabric wireless charger with speaker black
    This trendy charger combines listening to your favourite tunes with charging your phone wirelessly....

    From£18.76 EACH

  16. Vibe wireless speaker 295211

    Vibe wireless speaker
    No vibe? No party! Make sure you always take this trendy 3W wireless speaker wherever you go. The...

    From£18.76 EACH

  17. Funk wireless speaker, black 322622

    Funk wireless speaker black
    5W wireless speaker in a modern design. With BT 4.2 for easy connection. Battery 2000 mAh that...

    From£18.76 EACH

  18. Wireless charger speaker, black 322611

    Wireless charger speaker black
    This charger combines listening to your favourite tunes with charging your phone wirelessly. Simply...

    From£19.17 EACH

  19. AMP Bluetooth speaker 002117585

    AMP Bluetooth speaker
    Premium Bluetooth speaker with 15W output - great sound and microphone. Two speaker driver or...

    From£21.47 EACH

  20. ABS wireless speaker 326106

    ABS wireless speaker
    Multifunctional ABS wireless speaker, including a hands-free function for calls. Multiple ports:...

    From£18.78 EACH

  21. Speaker Rariax 241278

    Speaker Rariax
    Waterproof bluetooth speaker with suction cup. Includes USB charging cable. USB rechargable....

    From£7.83 EACH

  22. Speaker Zeok 240514

    Speaker Zeok
    Speaker with 3.5mm jack and USB cable.

    From£5.28 EACH

  23. Boom speaker 002107633

    Boom speaker
    Compact Bluetooth speaker for use with laptops, phones etc. Power output 5W. Utilises same...

    From£25.38 EACH

  24. Swiss Peak bass speaker, grey 322607

    Swiss Peak bass speaker grey
    Compact 3W speaker with surprisingly clear and full range sound. The bottom section of the speaker...

    From£20.63 EACH

  25. Speaker Braiss 240998

    Speaker Braiss
    Colourful 3W Bluetooth speaker. Features control panel to the top. USB rechargeable. Great for...

    From£8.79 EACH

  26. Speaker Syrene 286642

    Speaker Syrene
    Bluetooth speaker with hands free calling capability. Features suction pads to keep your mobile...

    From£9.03 EACH

  27. Speaker Hecno 241408

    Speaker Hecno
    Cube speaker with bluetooth connection and strap attachment. USB rechargeable. Supplied with two...

    From£9.42 EACH

  28. Speaker Tidian 241302

    Speaker Tidian
    Cylindrical bluetooth speaker, USB rechargeable. Cable included.

    From£9.23 EACH

  29. Vadar Bluetooth speaker with NFC 002115884

    Vadar Bluetooth speaker with NFC
    Portable Bluetooth speaker with premium zinc case and beautiful UV finish. Utiliises Broadcom...

    From£21.98 EACH

  30. Speaker Morals 268809

    Speaker Morals
    Oval shape Bluetooth speaker with micro SD card slot. USB Rechargeable. Power 3W.

    From£9.72 EACH

  31. Speaker Audric 241283

    Speaker Audric
    USB rechargeable round speaker with bluetooth connection, micro USB card reader and carabiner...

    From£9.70 EACH

  32. Sound bass speaker large, green/Red 322605

    Sound bass speaker large green/Red
    2 x 3W wireless speaker with powerful 1200 mAh battery to take your music experience to another...

    From£22.50 EACH

  33. Spectrum Bluetooth Speaker 249489

    Spectrum Bluetooth Speaker
    Introducing the Spectrum Speaker with amazing sound quality and a sleek Aluminium alloy base with...

    From£19.56 EACH

  34. Notos wireless speaker 258973

    Notos wireless speaker
    Notos is a compact 3W speaker with wireless BT 4.1 for optimal sound quality and a quick...

    From£23.00 EACH

  35. Speaker Bolfing 298091

    Speaker Bolfing
    Bluetooth speaker with a grey material front panel and black base. Rectangular speaker with rounded...

    From£10.30 EACH

  36. Flow wireless speaker 258979

    Flow wireless speaker
    Stereo wireless speaker with rubber spray finish. With 6 buttons on the top for easy control of the...

    From£23.46 EACH

  37. Xquare 2 Bluetooth Speaker 002107905

    Xquare 2 Bluetooth Speaker
    Stylish metal portable Bluetooth speaker multiple print areas can be engraved or printed up to 4...

    From£21.98 EACH

  38. Speaker Helber 268808

    Speaker Helber
    Black line oval shape Bluetooth speaker with micro SD card slot and wrist strap. USB Rechargeable....

    From£11.48 EACH

  39. Wireless double speaker 258978

    Wireless double speaker
    Double 3W speaker set with two wireless speaker units that can be placed separately. Simply connect...

    From£29.95 EACH

  40. Smart Bulb with wireless speaker 219176

    Smart Bulb with wireless speaker
    LED bulb with 3W wireless speaker that can be placed in any lamp at home. Play music by connecting...

    From£30.05 EACH

  41. PowerVibe Premium Bluetooth Speaker 206132

    PowerVibe Premium Bluetooth Speaker
    We?ve got the vibe with our PowerVibe Premium Bluetooth Speaker with up to 10m range and NFC...

    From£19.63 EACH

  42. Swiss Peak outdoor wireless speaker 219163

    Swiss Peak outdoor wireless speaker
    Shock, dust and waterproof (IPX5) wireless speaker with powerful 5W speaker and rechargeable...

    From£27.24 EACH

  43. Vogue round speaker, grey 322617

    Vogue round speaker grey
    The Vogue 3W wireless speaker combines elegant design with the best beats for your home or office....

    From£27.24 EACH

  44. Wireless speaker with mood light, black 322626

    Wireless speaker with mood light black
    Wireless 3W speaker with built in LED light, delivers well on both sound and light. With BT 4.2 for...

    From£28.15 EACH

  45. Speaker Alaric 252153

    Speaker Alaric
    Smart LED speaker with bluetooth, 3.5mm jack and Micro USB connection with a Micro SD slot....

    From£17.80 EACH

  46. Speaker Clarmunt 298092

    Speaker Clarmunt
    Bluetooth speaker with a grey material front panel and black base. Circular speaker with flat base....

    From£16.20 EACH

  47. Bamboo X speaker, black 322609

    Bamboo X  speaker black
    Natural sound from a natural speaker. This sustainable speaker combines an amazing sound experience...

    From£28.75 EACH

  48. Speaker Brenner 298186

    Speaker Brenner
    USB rechargeable desktop Bluetooth speaker with playback buttons. Power 3W.

    From£16.67 EACH