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  1. Banger Sticks 002103279

    Banger Sticks
    The classic banger stick. Perfect for sports events or any event with large crowds. Supplied as a...

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  2. Classic Bouncy Ball 163784

    Classic Bouncy Ball
    This high bounce classic rubber bouncing ball will be sure to jump start your next campaign and is...

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  3. Customized Box 91539 243063

    Customized Box 91539
    Custom made cardboard gift box with full colour printing for Little Swientie, art: 91539.

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  4. Custom made Short Pencils 243113

    Custom made Short Pencils
    6 short pencils in a custom made full colour box.

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  5. Fold-up Frisbee 31994

    Fold-up Frisbee
    This popular frisbee folds up to fit into a matching pouch ideal for any summer-themed or leisure...

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  6. Light And Clutch Yo-yo 30539964

    Light And Clutch Yo-yo
    Amazing tricks can be performed with the clutch system. Matching colour light. UK Stock available...

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  7. Light & Clutch Yo Yo 002103255

    Light & Clutch Yo Yo
    Amazing tricks can be performed with the clutch system. Matching colour light. UK Stock available...

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  8. Pocket Kite 30539962

    Pocket Kite
    Pocket kite supplied in a small keyring pouch Can be branded with a digital print, please contact...

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  9. Pop-i 149472

    Pop-i is perfect for any eye-popping promotions - just give it a squeeze to find out why! This fun...

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  10. Puzzle Barrel 112796

    Puzzle Barrel
    PUZZLE BARREL in Wood. Barrel Shape Wood Desk Top Puzzle. Size: 2.25 x 2.5 x 2.25 Inch. Packed in...

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  11. Puzzle Cube 112799

    Puzzle Cube
    PUZZLE CUBE in Wood. Square Cube Shape Wood Desk Top Puzzle. Size: 1.5 Inch. Packed in Gift Box....

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  12. Puzzle Cylinder 112800

    Puzzle Cylinder
    PUZZLE CYLINDER in Wood. Round Cylinder Shape Wood Desk Top Puzzle. Size: 2.75 Inch. Packed in Gift...

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  13. Puzzle Sphere 112797

    Puzzle Sphere
    PUZZLE SPHERE in Wood. Round Wood Desk Top Puzzle with Motivational Words. Size: 3.5 Inch. Packed...

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  14. Puzzle X 112801

    Puzzle X
    PUZZLE X in Wood. Cross Shape Wood Desk Top Puzzle. Size: 4.5 x 3.5 x 4.75 Inch. Packed in Gift...

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  15. Recycled Boomerang 29604

    Recycled Boomerang
    Recycled plastic boomerang

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  16. Sky Diamond Kite 30539963

    Sky Diamond Kite
    A classic diamond design. 800mm X 700mm easy assembly. Colour Matched. Made from Nylon with a...

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  17. Spinning Globe Pencil Sharpener 163443

    Spinning Globe Pencil Sharpener
    This fun novel wind up globe spins when wound up and also contains a pencil sharpener in the base....

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  18. Street Chalk Custom made 243114

    Street Chalk Custom made
    Four colours of street chalk in a custom made box

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  19. Tangle 211581

    The tangle toy is a really popular promotional item. Bespoke Tangle - Metallic Chrome Effect

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  20. Tangle Puzzle 002103275

    Tangle Puzzle
    The Tangle Toy is a really popular promotional item.UK Stock: Blue, Red, Black, White, Green,...

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  21. Tangle Toy 002103274

    Tangle Toy
    The Tangle Toy is a really popular promotional item.UK Stock: Blue, Red, Black, White, Green,...

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  22. Yo Yo 29578

    Yo Yo
    Promotional yo-yo made from durable plastic. A fun promotional product that will appeal to all...

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  23. Zebra Roller 163414

    Zebra Roller
    A super-smooth rollerball pen from Zebra. Great quality ink that is waterproof and fade proof.

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  24. Playing Cards 32386

    Playing Cards
    Playing cards in rigid case (case printed)

    From£0.14 EACH

  25. Pencil Box 167581

    Pencil Box
    6 short colour pencils in a carton. From orders of 300 pieces it is possible to custom make the box.

    From£0.30 EACH

  26. Pencil Set 167580

    Pencil Set
    6 small colour pencils in transprant case. Printing with a sticker.

    From£0.30 EACH

  27. Foldable Frisbee 243119

    Foldable Frisbee
    Nylon frisbee, foldable in pouch. Printing standard on the frisbee, but also possible on the pouch...

    From£0.40 EACH

  28. Puzzle Tray 167363

    Puzzle Tray
    Puzzle tray, square. Full colour print possible.

    From£0.42 EACH

  29. Puzzle Tray 167362

    Puzzle Tray
    Puzzle tray, rectangle. Large print suface for your logo. Full colour imprint possible.

    From£0.46 EACH

  30. YoYo 167273

    Transparent YoYo in fresh colours. White is a hard colour. Large print area.

    From£0.52 EACH

  31. Street Chalk 167294

    Street Chalk
    4 chalks in a box. Printing on a sticker. From orders of 300 pieces it is possible to custom make...

    From£0.55 EACH

  32. Magic Wand 70378897

    Magic Wand
    Magic Wand - black/silver tips - springs to life in the palm of your hand, re-usable, can be...

    From£0.57 EACH

  33. Bubble blower round 275457

    Bubble blower round
    With this bubble blower in a round bottle you can blow the most beautiful bubbles. It comes with a...

    From£0.60 EACH

  34. Frisbee 167274

    Frisbee in several fresh colours. Large print area. Ideal advertising item.

    From£0.62 EACH

  35. Rainbow Spring 708103522

    Rainbow Spring
    Rainbow coloured. Printed one colour. 60mm dia. Individually boxed.

    From£0.74 EACH

  36. Wasco Play Set 275701

    Wasco Play Set
    Wasco play set with wasco crayons, a drawing and some stickers.

    From£0.67 EACH

  37. Colour book Set 275623

    Colour book Set
    A6 colouring book (15x10,5 cm), 16 pages. With 6 short colour pencils (91575) in a transparent...

    From£0.73 EACH

  38. PVC rubber duck 326089

    PVC rubber duck
    PVC rubber duck.

    From£0.79 EACH

  39. Animation Hand Maracana 241760

    Animation Hand Maracana
    Plastic hand maracas.

    From£0.64 EACH

  40. Colour book Set 167566

    Colour book Set
    A4 colouring book (31x21,5 cm), 8 pages. With 6 short colour pencils (91575) in a transparent...

    From£0.90 EACH

  41. Petal Spinner 002114942

    Petal Spinner
    The Petal Spinner is the only spinner that you haven't got! It's an exclusive product and is...

    From£0.98 EACH

  42. Flying disc 58892

    Flying disc
    Basic plastic flying disc. EN71 approved

    From£0.79 EACH

  43. Foam Ball 32204

    Foam Ball
    70mm diameter foam ball printed 1 colour

    From£0.97 EACH

  44. Bouncing Putty 32270

    Bouncing Putty
    Bouncing Putty with lid printed in one colour

    From£1.06 EACH

  45. Fidget Spinner 325623

    Fidget Spinner
    Procrastinators unite with this stress relief gadget. Great for students and children.

    From£1.19 EACH

  46. Little Swientie 275622

    Little Swientie
    Little synthetic pig money box. Printing through pad printing. Ideal promoting item for the...

    From£1.39 EACH

  47. Apres Snowglider 167293

    Apres Snowglider
    Let it snow, Let it snow. With this snowglider in the shape of a shovel you can have endless fun....

    From£1.49 EACH

  48. Icemaker 275615

    Make your own water ice lollies with this icemaker. Ideal for the summer. You can make 4 lollies at...

    From£1.60 EACH

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