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Our Services

We’ll promote your brand


Our highly trained in-house designers will create any artwork layout necessary for your promotional merchandise, which we offer as a service to all of our customers.

Should you want your logo or branding changed in any way for a specific campaign, we can do that too. This saves you time and effort, as you don’t have to get it done elsewhere. Just let us know what you would like to be done and we will be more than happy to provide you with a quote for artwork re-draws. Anything to help make your life easier...

Your own online shop 24/7

Have you heard about our online merchandise schemes? Do you want to distribute your branded, promotional merchandise to your team around the globe? Then our online merchandising scheme is just what you need. It takes all the hassle out of ordering promotional merchandise, as your employees can get what they want, when they want it. It also cuts down on administration and paperwork, and it is the ideal solution for when you’ve re-branded (see case study below).

What we can provide for you:


  • A personalised online shop:

    Your shop will be adapted to suit you, either through using our low-cost, standard
    template platform, or we can create a bespoke version for you.

  • Accessibility:

    Your staff members can all access the shop 24/7 wherever they are in the world

  • Your account manager:

    You will be awarded a dedicated account manager who will be on hand to help you as
    and when you need them.

  • Branding:

    With everything in one place, your orders will always be branded consistently in line
    with your corporate guidelines.

  • Forecasting and stock control:

    We control and keep stock to a minimum for you whilst making sure you always have
    the stock you require.

  • Cost Savings:

    You can save money by ordering a range as a bulk purchase.

  • Worldwide Distribution:

    We have a global distribution network.

  • Audit trail:

    We can offer you a full reporting system on each programme.

  • Regular Reviews:

    We will meet with you on a regular basis to ensure that the scheme exceeds your


Click here to read a great case study

In 2009 an existing client of ours, an international network solutions provider and innovator, asked us to set up a temporary online shop to launch its new brand.

We created a bespoke online shop for them and each employee was awarded an exclusive log in and given $20 to choose from a wide range of products selected by head office including umbrellas, mugs, computer mice, pens, USB sticks and more.

The orders were collated for a set time period (2-3 weeks) and then distributed across EMEA in batches so as to save on carriage. Once all the redemptions were completed the online shop was taken down.

The feedback from its employees was fantastic, the exercise had increased employee loyalty, helped with brand awareness and it completely removed the organisational burden from our client completely.

They were so pleased with the results and ease of use, that they asked us to create a second, permanent site to distribute their promotional gifts and giveaways to their offices across EMEA. The Marketing Manager for each region was provided with a unique log-in and allocated an amount of stock.

Our client can rest assured that there will always be consistency in the branded products ordered by its Marketing Managers. It also saves them administration time and the company can enjoy cost-savings through making bulk purchases. Not to mention that its simpler for the Accounts team to manage one preferred supplier and they can view the online shop reports to look at spend and usage figures whenever they want to. The online shop has been so successful; the client is still using it today.


Don’t fancy an online shop, but want storage and fulfilment for a big event?

Then don’t worry we can offer full assembly and fulfilment services at a competitive price for any special campaigns you’re looking to run. For example, our warehouse team can pack your event bags with your literature and goodies, and have them delivered anywhere in the world in time for your event.  Sound good? You’re also welcome to come and visit the warehouse and meet our specialist team for yourself.


Rewards and Motivation
Loyalty and Reward schemes can be used in many positive ways and even better with our expertise- we do all the work and let you reap the rewards. See below some ways you can gain more brand awareness and loyalty.

  • Reward long service and say thank you to staff
  • Motivate and incentivise target driven sales teams
  • Reward customer loyalty
  • Incentivise distributors of your brand


Loyalty and reward schemes are self-funding and are extremely successful in increasing sales, and we make it really easy to do!

Our easy, online system works by members collecting points for certain behaviours, such as, hitting sales targets and reaching career milestones or achievements in the work place. Members receive monthly statements and log onto your personalised website, which we create for you, where they can then redeem the points against the gifts you choose for your scheme.Like all of our services, we can tailor the gifts to meet your exact needs so as to achieve your desired results.

We can provide you with access to over 1500 retail products from top high street brands, such as, Rayban, Apple, Phillips,Tag Heuer, Montblanc, Sony and many more. Not only this, but we will also provide you with a phone number and email which is unique to your organisation, so that when an member contacts us, we answer the phone and respond to them as if we were part of your company, so the experience is seamless.

Click here to read a brilliant case study
The brief:

Our client wanted to increase sales on its carpet and floor coverings by incentivising over 500 independent retail outlets across the UK. Their aim was to increase customer loyalty and spend on products that were more profitable and enjoy bigger buying discounts by being able to place larger orders.

The solution:
We offered them a bespoke website and a range of products for their retailers to choose from. Each client was invited to register and join the scheme, and then targeted with monthly special offers and bonus points on specific products. Each shop's spend was then converted into points and uploaded onto the reward site each month. We fully managed the site, sent email statements and provided full customer service support to our customer, including a dedicated phone line for the retailers.
The result:
  • Sales successfully increased for our clients more profitable products
  • Customer loyalty and spend was increased as the retailer wanted to earn and redeem points
  • Brand awareness was raised and the retailers were given a clear focus to sell specific products
  • Our client enjoyed a high return on investment during a period when floor covering sales were struggling.