Virtual Event Merchandise

Keep your brand alive at home with virtual event merchandise that can be mailed directly to their door.

With more people working remotely from home and attending virtual events, it has never been more important to keep your brand alive.

We have great letterbox gift ideas for people communicating over Zoom or Office Teams… Why not send your team a fun gift, notebook, pen and healthy snack to gear them up for the call and create a buzz. Alternatively, a cocktail kit with nuts makes a great post event gift for the recipient to kick back and relax after the hard work is done. The options are endless, and we have many ways in which we can get creative to truly represent your brand and give great opportunities across social media platforms for you to advertise and promote… keeping your brand alive at home.

Our webstores hold a great opportunity to offer a token or point system for people attending any virtual events you may have planned.

We can arrange for the gift to arrive pre or post event direct to your recipients door. The store can be focused on new or current customers and offers lots of opportunities for the client to interact before and after the event.

Gifts can be aimed towards personal use at home such as Yoga Mats, Home Gym Kit, Leisure Wear, or a box of healthy snacks and can come with a personalised note. This is taking merchandise to the next level and shows customers how much you are thinking about them.